I first saw work by Saskia Lehnert at Cullom Gallery, where we both have had shows. Saskia does the same style of woodblock that I do (Japanese style, or mokuhanga), though her methods range wider than mine, as you’ll see in this video. There’s a long and full interview with Lehnert posted here on the Kansas City Print blog, full of photos and more video clips. Some of my favorite quotes:

KSP: Why do you want to do all that hard work?
SL: Because that’s what artists do.

KSP: And there’s manual labor, stuff that no one else will seeā€¦
SL: Yeah, and you really just spend time with every square inch of it. Sometimes I think it’s just like, well, the image becomes a part of you, made by your body, etched in the motor sensations of your body.

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